Award-Winning Training: 2 DVDs

Which level of training will help you achieve your goals? (If in doubt, start with the Mobility DVD)

DVD: POLES for Balance & Mobility

POLES for Balance & Mobility DVD cover

Learn how to achieve, maintain & even regain balance & mobility.

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  • Intro & Benefits
  • Equipment
  • Pole Class
  • Tips & Exercises

Pole Class: (Chapters)

  • Class Intro
  • Straps
  • Gloves
  • Pole Length
  • How to adjust
  • Sitting & Standing
  • Strap Progression
  • Stand, Rest, Turn
  • 2 Finger Swing for walking
  • Walking Modifications
  • Plant Push
  • Arm Movement
  • Progressive Learning Format
  • Curbs
  • Stairs
  • Ramps
  • Pole Care

Tips & Exercises

  • Dr. Jerry Gerst – Injury Prevention
  • Diane Kern, PT Exercises for Gait & Posture
  • Balance Exercises
  • Freezing
  • Foot Drop
  • Good Days
  • Driveways
  • Wet Terrain Tip
  • Learning Tips
  • Endurance Tips
  • Caregiver Tips

1 Hour, 39 Minutes © 2008

Each section listed above is a chapter. You can easily scan through either the Pole Class or the Tips Section to review what you want to practice.

DVD: POLES for Hiking, Trekking & Walking

Cover of DVD: POLES for Hiking, Trekking & Walking

Learn how to improve your performance on the trail & how to use your upper body muscles to help preserve your joints.

Award-winning training

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  • Intro & Benefits
  • Getting Started
  • Pole Techniques
  • Hiking Tips

Getting Started:

  • Equipment
  • 5 Terrain-Based Techniques: An overview for optimal use on differing terrain

Pole Techniques:

  • This section includes more detail on the 5 terrain-based techniques, including drills & practice segments for learning how to improve your performance on the trail.
  • Practice with this section will enable you to efficiently use upper body muscles to power uphill, reduce stress on knees, especially on downhill. Sections include practice segments, drills and progressive training.
  • Once you learn the 5 techniques, you'll be able to work on TRANSITIONING seamlessly between techniques as you change terrain.
  • Stairs & Obstacles – Progressive techniques to enhance your learning experience
  • Nordic Walking and Snow Shoeing tips are included in the chapters

Hiking Tips:

  • Terrain Tips (more on down hill techniques)
  • Streams
  • Bridges
  • Posture Tips
  • Safety Tips & Pole Care
  • Muscle Memory

Expand your Hiking & Walking Horizons!
Original Music, Stunning Scenery
Top Notch Training
Endorsed by LEKI USA and Outdoor Research
1 Hour, 46 Minutes © 2008


Watch each section individually. Review only what you need to practice.