Expert Training Options

Local Northern CA people - take a class for hiking or mobility.  

If you live anywhere else, consider the award-winning DVD's - each almost 2 hours of training.  One for hikers and one for people with mobility challenges.  DVD Updates and much more info is on our BLOG.  Please continue down this page for information on DVD's as well as field seminars:

POLES For Hiking, Trekking & Walking Video


($8.00 shipping)

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2 Hours of training, comprehensive training for hikers

Improve your performance on the Trail.  

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POLES for Balance & Mobility


($8.00 shipping)

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

2 Hours of Training on how to use poles to improve balance.  Achieve, maintain, even regain mobility using poles for WALKING

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Also available on Amazon

Classes & Field Seminars

Year-round classes in beautiful locations

People take a class for all kinds of reasons. Some want to take a trip of a lifetime; others want to maintain mobility; some want to just get outside more safely or continue hiking into their 90's. 

We provide a variety of top quality poles at each poles seminar so you can determine which model best fits you and will help you to achieve your hiking, walking, adventure or life goals. 

Carefully choose the level that fits your abilities and needs.  We offer Hiking classes at several levels, from basic skills to full day training including a practice hike.   Mobility classes focus on helping people learn skills to keep them independent and moving.

Class Sizes are kept extremely small to ensure personal attention to your issues, goals and form.  

Seminars offered thru organizations that have remarkable facilities for learning these skills, include:

  • East Bay Regional Park District (the largest park district in the nation)
  • Point Reyes National Seashore
  • National Parks 
  • Anza Borrego Desert State Park (plus other State & National Parks)
  • City Agencies, Senior & Community Centers
  • Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s Center 

Note:  price ranges below vary because each organization is structured differently.  

"I feel much more stable and better able to look around to see a world larger than my footsteps.”  Barbara, Berkeley 

 “Jayah has a way of capturing small things and turning them into "life things". Like the opportunity, when you shift gears (while hiking or otherwise), to remind yourself (without a tinge of criticism for having tightened up) to relax your shoulders and open up your chest, the better to breath. She seems to understand deeply that every little bit of changed behavior helps us to function better, and that we all respond better to a positive tone, whether from ourselves or others.”  ~ Nancy B. 

Types of Classes

Poles for Hikers Basic Skills

Comprehensive session helps hikers learn poles, trail and body skills. Beginner to experienced hikers learn techniques without the additional challenge of an afternoon practice hike. Uphill: Improve power, endurance and spine function. Downhill: Develop skills for feeling safer and preserving joints – Save your knees! 

Poles for Hikers Skills + Hike

 Experience everything in the Basic Skills & Techniques class plus a lovely practice hike. Learn individualized strategies for improving your trail performance and confidence. “Test drive” quality pole models; learn which poles fit you and will help you achieve your goals. Hikes vary in length  and difficulty based on park and season.

Practice Hikes

 Refine, enhance and learn new skills on gentle, varied terrain during this easy practice hike. Connect with nature while improving confidence, pole performance and body awareness in a beautiful California native garden! “Test drive” top quality poles. Previous pole hiking instruction required. Hikes vary in length and difficulty.  Some include Yoga, stretching and strengthening. 

Poles For Balance & Maintaining Mobility and Independence

Easy-to-learn pole techniques and gentle exercises empower people to maintain independence, navigate everyday obstacles, reduce risk of falling, restore spine function, improve stamina and walking form. Strengthen muscles that support weight bearing joints. Optional lovely practice pole walk. Special equipment provided. 

This class is for anyone with mobility challenges.  People with Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Peripheral Neuropathy, Diabetes, Arthritis all feel profound freedom of movement learning these skills. 

Fitness for the Trail & for LIFE

Six key elements determine your ability to maintain physical fitness. This interactive session helps you progressively create a more structurally-solid foundation. Individualized movements focus on improving joint health, balance, posture, endurance, flexibility and strength. Bring your body. 

Health & Hiking POLES Weekend Retreat

3 days and 2 nights of training.  See calendar for details.  Offered approximately twice a year.  See more detailed description below.

Health & Hiking Poles Weekend Retreat

Point Reyes National Seashore

Connect with nature. Rejuvenate. 

Experience a variety of classes and activities designed to help you maintain your ability to enjoy the outdoors. Together we will learn transformative skills focused on improving and maintaining your individual skeletal structure and quality of life. 

The weekend will include structured classes, group movement and exercise sessions plus a variety of health and wellness discussions. Participants may enjoy all or some of the activities.  

Learn and practice skills and brilliantly designed, progressive routines to enhance your health and joint function as well as optimize, personalize and program your fitness. 

Expert instruction will help you improve your ability to hike efficiently and comfortably using poles. A variety of top quality poles will be provided – learn which model fits you best and will enable you to achieve your hiking goals. 

Weekend rate includes two nights’ accommodations and most (healthy and delicious) meals.  

Hikes: Saturday’s short hike is part of the hiking poles training. Sunday: 2 levels will be offered (easy/gentle and stronger/exercise) so you can practice skills and experience the magic of Point Reyes.

There is no cell reception; this is an opportunity to “unplug.”

From prior participants:

“I went from never having used poles to feeling confident. The food was amazing as were so many other aspects of the weekend.” Jaime 

“Activities from day one that provide guidance on how to get the most out of the weekend. Jayah puts a lot of thought into her teaching methods to achieve individualized goals.” Julie

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your 1000% effort to teach us, care for us and inspire us to be fitter and healthier. I know you made each of our lives better in so many ways.” Clarice

“Exceptional training in a natural environment.” Carol 

Check the calendar on this site for the next scheduled retreat or class that fits your needs. 

POLES for Balance & Mobility DVD

Additional Information



  • Intro & Benefits
  • Equipment
  • Pole Class
  • Tips & Exercises

Pole Class: (Chapters)

  • Class Intro
  • Straps
  • Gloves
  • Pole Length
  • How to adjust
  • Sitting & Standing
  • Strap Progression
  • Stand, Rest, Turn
  • 2 Finger Swing for walking
  • Walking Modifications
  • Plant Push
  • Arm Movement
  • Progressive Learning Format
  • Curbs
  • Stairs
  • Ramps
  • Pole Care

Tips & Exercises

  • Dr. Jerry Gerst – Injury Prevention
  • Diane Kern, PT Exercises for Gait & Posture
  • Balance Exercises
  • Freezing
  • Foot Drop
  • Good Days
  • Driveways
  • Wet Terrain Tip
  • Learning Tips
  • Endurance Tips
  • Caregiver Tips

1 Hour, 39 Minutes © 2008

Each section listed above is a chapter. You can easily scan  through either the Pole Class or the Tips Section to review what you  want to practice.

POLES for Hiking, Trekking & Walking DVD

Additional Information



  • Intro & Benefits
  • Getting Started
  • Pole Techniques
  • Hiking Tips

Getting Started:

  • Equipment
  • 5 Terrain-Based Techniques: An overview for optimal use on differing terrain

Pole Techniques:

  • This section includes more detail on the 5 terrain-based  techniques, including drills & practice segments for learning how to  improve your performance on the trail.
  • Practice with this section will enable you to efficiently  use upper body muscles to power uphill, reduce stress on knees,  especially on downhill. Sections include practice segments, drills and  progressive training.
  • Once you learn the 5 techniques, you'll be able to work on TRANSITIONING seamlessly between techniques as you change terrain.
  • Stairs & Obstacles – Progressive techniques to enhance your learning experience
  • Nordic Walking and Snow Shoeing tips are included in the chapters

Hiking Tips:

  • Terrain Tips (more on down hill techniques)
  • Streams
  • Bridges
  • Posture Tips
  • Safety Tips & Pole Care
  • Muscle Memory

Expand your Hiking & Walking Horizons!
Original Music, Stunning Scenery
Top Notch Training

1 Hour, 46 Minutes © 2008

Watch each section individually. Review only what you need to practice.